SIZED SELECTS Showcases Los Angeles Car Culture with Leading Design Collaborators in an Exhibition Presented by SIZED


In Collaboration USM Modular Furniture, Willo Perron, Damon Jones, Basic.Space, and Featuring a Culinary Experience by We Are Ona

February 27th to March 3rd, 2024

11AM to 6PM

948 N Sycamore Avenue

The inaugural 2024 edition of SIZED SELECTS, presented by SIZED, explores Los Angeles car culture through a curatorial lens. Under the creative direction of founder Alexander May, the exhibition features a fleet of iconic, all-black automobiles ranging from contemporary gems to vintage classics and rare finds. Spanning decades of manufacturing techniques, each model was curated in collaboration with Damon Jones, to illustrate the profound impact of machinery on the evolution of form.

Set within the historic former Howard Hughes headquarters, these exceptional vehicles are contextualized as sculptural objects and displayed in a gallery format. The all-black palette, an intentional extraction of color, allows shape, line, and frame to emerge in sharp relief, elevating form as a value on par with the power and precision that define automotive design excellence.

SIZED SELECTS embodies a unique approach to curation by inviting leading creative visionaries to collaborate on each exhibition’s conceptual development. For Los Angeles, designer Willo Perron conceived a bespoke 65-foot communal table and 80 limited edition, transparent chairs designed with USM Modular Furniture. The work serves as a visual anchor from which to explore the surrounding collection of cars.

Each evening, the installation transforms into an immersive nocturnal experience by culinary collective We Are Ona. Expanding perceptions of shape and function, the all-black fleet, veiled in silk fabric to accentuate each vehicle’s silhouette, sets the stage for a series of curated dinners.

SIZED SELECTS Los Angeles is a conceptual exploration of the city’s intrinsic and storied relationship with motor vehicles and the significance of their sculptural and material interconnectedness. It is a celebration of collaborative culture, automotive ingenuity, and the power of black.


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