For its inaugural showing, SIZED has collaborated with dealers, artists, designers, and collectors, creating a site-specific exhibition and experience. The objects presented are informed by a glossary of words created by SIZED Creative Director, Alexander May, spanning from the tangible, “vessel” and “mineral,” to the intangible, “useful” and “sustain,” each embodying the SIZED ethos in which site is treated as medium, and object functions as aura.

Proposing “the stage” as a site for displaying objects in a multitude of forms, May calls attention to the relationship that objects have to our more performative lives. The works will be presented on steel decks, at similar heights, creating an expansive horizon in which the viewer can move through without start or end.

Never-before-seen works and items available for purchase for the first time will include a couture sculpture by Sterling Ruby / S.R. STUDIO. LA. CA., a selection of vintage instruments from Lykke Li’s past performances, furniture designed by Luka Sabbat, a Gallic chair by Michèle Lamy for Rick Owens Furniture, terracotta head vases from Casa Ahorita, and unique hand-crafted garments by No Sesso. CIELO, the Indigenous-women-led nonprofit dedicated to Indigenous communities in Los Angeles, will have their book, Dižà Nó Ole, available for purchase.

COLLABORATORS / 1000 Incorporated / Adam Silverman / Annex La / Arcana : Books On The Arts / Atelier Mvm By Matthias Vriens / Bri Williams / Cactus Store / Candice Romanelli / Casa Ahorita / Commune Design / Counter-Space / Dana Arbib / Eric N. Mack / Hooz / Ian Markell / JF Chen / Jordan Wolfson / Luka Sabbat / Luke Haeger / Lykke Li / Martina Tiefenthaler & Gian Gisiger / Matt Paweski / Mia Moretti / Michael Bargo / Michèle Lamy For Owenscorpfurniture / NFS / No Sesso / Nonaka-hill / Permanent Collection / Princess Gollum / Rewire / Roger Herman / Ronnie Sassoon / Ryan Preciado / Saunders / Shiprock Santa Fe / Shoshi Watanabe X Offsite / Skylar Haskard / Sophie Buhai / Stefan White / Sterling Ruby / S.r. / Studio Shamshiri / Sumner / Syng / The Tropics Inc / The Window / Tienda X / Tiwa Select / Vanessa Beecroft / VDL / Waka Waka / West Adams & Co / Yola Mezcal / Lisa Eisner / Kandis Williams / Franz West / Tom Burr / Ross Hansen / Chris Schanck / Faye Toogood / Gaetano Pesce / Misha Kahn / Joana Albuquerque Sosa / Offsite.archive / Mountain Valley Weaver / Fernando Aciar / Emma Reeves / Carol Ann Emques / Jillian Choi / Jay Ezra / Dana Arbib / Mia Moretti / Angelica Taschen /


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