The September edition of SIZED SELECTS, a curation of works by celebrated artists and designers from around the world, was on display for a weekend-long viewing window at SIZED STUDIO Saturday, September 16th and Sunday, September 17th. A cocktail event the evening of Saturday the 16th was held with live music and drinks by Vybes and Yola Mezcal.⁠

The curation included lamps by J. Hannah, a table set by WAKA WAKA, and two photo series by Karlheinz Weinberger.

⁠Particularly focused on the subcultures of post-war youth in Switzerland, Weinberger’s fascination with motorcycles and the rebellious youth culture they represented led him to document the Swiss "Halbstarken" or "Half-Strong" movement, a subculture of disaffected youth who embraced American rock ‘n’ roll and motorcycle aesthetics. Weinberger’s photographs of these young men and women often portrayed them in leather jackets adorned with patches and emblems, showcasing their defiance and individuality. In addition to his motorcycle-related work, Weinberger also ventured into the realm of nude photography. His nude portraits were groundbreaking in their exploration of the human body, often featuring models in unconventional and unapologetic poses. These photographs pushed boundaries with their frank and provocative depictions of the human form.


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