In collaboration with the Paris-based NFT platform CONCEPT, SIZED has curated ten works from VESSELS which are powered by NFTs, to be enjoyed in both their physical and digital form. Each of these works carry an NFT smart contract authenticating their ownership and digitally signed by the designer or artist.

The participating collaborators include Emmanuel Olunkwa, Vanessa Beecroft, RA Workshop - Rich Aybar, Lukas Stoever, Rio Estudio, Illya Goldman Gubin, Marc Leschalier, Grace Prince, Klaus Jürgen Schmidt and Tino Seibert.

2% from the sale of this work will be donated to G.L.I.T.S. (Gays and Lesbians Living In a Transgender Society), a charity focused on supporting LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities around the globe. The donation will be administered by MOM by CONCEPT - a social impact initiative developed by the company to ensure that a portion of every NFT sale supports a charity chosen by artist and curatorial collaborators.

Starting February 16th on

LUO 636

Lukas Stöver


GRP 210

Grace Prince


IGG 022

Illya Goldman Gubin


VBE 883

Vanessa Beecroft


KJS 389

Klaus Jürgen Schmidt


RIE 333

RIO Estudio


MLE 477

Marc Leschelier


TIS 089

Tino Seubert


EOL 746

Emmanuel Olunkwa


EOL 747

Emmanuel Olunkwa


RAW 606

Rich Aybar


LNI 937

Luca Nichetto




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