For Vancouver-based lighting manufacturer, Bocci, SIZED directed and produced a launch campaign spanning content and experiential for the 14p, the first portable model to enter Bocci's product line. This light is the portable version of the iconic 14 model, which launched in 2005 as Bocci's first product to market. The campaign included a lifestyle photoshoot, a still life photoshoot, and a launch party.

SIZED's lifestyle art direction for the 14p integrated the piece with iconic design works throughout history, underscoring the product’s craftsmanship and sculptural essence. This direction encompassed a diverse array of distinctive environments within and around a renowned R.M. Schindler residence, creatively leveraging indoor and outdoor elements to spotlight the object’s portability.

For the still life shoot, SIZED captured the product with a smoky, (sometimes) mirrored aesthetic, where depth played a central role. Against a neutral backdrop, minimal shadows created a sense of depth while maintaining a shallow focus. A subtle gradient at times and a cool blue tint added a touch of serenity to the composition.

To celebrate the launch, SIZED hosted special guests at a private cocktail celebration. This party featured an installation in SIZED STUDIO and was attended by a range of influencers, artists, designers, and celebrity guests.


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